“Take the best from the past and bring it forward”

Welcome to my happy place were my passion for all things home and historical collide. Adding Vintage and Antique pieces to interiors is something I love, Soulful interiors that reflect the marriage between past and present is a form of magic to me, I am passionate in the belief that beauty is a positive force, and the spaces we live should rise up to meet us.

THE HOMEshould be thetreasureCHESTof living.

Soulful Spaces

I am inspired by the juxtoposition of bold graphic pattern and the time honoured texture and patina of vintage and antique objects. Forever a fan of an unpredictable mix and the feeling of ease and elegance that it brings. With a respect for the past and an eye to the future I believe that creative flair combined with attention to subtle detail and layering can create spaces that lift the spirit and have a positive force.


Interior Design

Meet Gina

Collecting and hunting for vintage treasures has always been in my blood, growing up with collector parents and frequenting auctions. This long standing passion is now the cornerstone of the newly launched Gina Fabish Interiors, bringing an unpredictable mix of contemporary and classic, masculine and feminine, raw and refined pieces to her online store and soon to be studio.

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